A review about Traceto


A review about Traceto – the blockchain-based distributed network of third-party identification verification providers



Okay, if you have already done your homework, I can now tell you why I am writing this newspaper. In this era of technology development, ICO market is similar to the Wild West during the time of gold rush. If you know the way, earning good money is not some difficult, but you have to find a good-enough project to go for. Here is one among the interesting projects which I am really excited to share with you: Traceto.

What is Traceto?

Traceto is a Know Your Customer (KYC) service provider based on blockchain technology which delivers 3rd-party identity verification solutions, community feedback, machine learning and smart contract technologies to establish continuous compliance with international identification requirements.

Traceto was brought to the GBX Grid by Broctagon Fintech Group, one of the first wave of founding Sponsors in our growing Sponsor Firm Network. Broctagon specialises in corporate consulting services and technological solutions, making them an ideal Sponsor Firm for the GBX Grid.

Traceto’s goal is to provide an ongoing KYC service combining feedback from a community of network participants to build individual profiles by providing 3rd-party identification verification with the application of machine learning algorithms.

Traceto also targets at including a unique system of decentralized verification by a network of peers into the overall reputation score assigned to the digital ID of a User. A Verifier is a trusted User who stakes T2T to gain the opportunity to earn T2T by performing KYC related tasks. Verifiers undergo stricter background checks, screening and ongoing due diligence. Verifiers also serve as gatekeepers to User data.

A review about Traceto

Traceto is among the projects that I have found potential in this blockchain era. Below are some reasons why I am telling this:

  • Traceto has a strong team:

The team of Traceto consists of probably the strongest tech members who have many years experiencing in blockchain and finance industry. Coupled with experienced advisors, the team is perfectly prepared to deliver an impeccable product to the global market. Traceto is the product of a team that has decades of experience with financial compliance and regulatory technology. The team is led by Chye Kit Chionh as the CEO.

Chye Kit Chionh is the Founder and CEO of Traceto. Chye is an expert in financial compliance and has almost 20 years of experience with financial and capital markets in Asia, having spent a significant amount of that time with Macquarie Group and ING Bank. His last role with Macquarie was Managing Director and Joint Regional Head of Compliance for all of Asia, before moving on to later found Traceto parent company Cynopsis Solutions. Chye also serves as an Advisor to the Kyber Network.

Gene Yan Ooi serves as Chief Data Scientist and Co-Founder of Traceto. He has been a Software Engineer at Cynopsis Solutions for the past 4 years. He is the creator of one compliance solution product and also helped develop the Artemis KYC software system

Dias Lonappan is CTO and Co-Founder. Dias already has 4 years of experience serving as a CTO in the blockchain field with Quantified Assets PTE. In this capacity he ran several blockchain-based projects including healthcare analytics, privacy protection architecture and recording of physical assets based on user public keys.

Dan Poh is CMO and Co-founder. Dan has served as Director of Sales for a year with Cynopsis Solutions. He has held various positions within the financial sector at institutions such as Barclays Capital, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank, where he served as a Compliance Officer.

Besides strong profiles of the team leaders, Traceto also has in board Dr. Loi Luu who is the CEO of Kyber Network as one of their advisors. As exchanges are one of Traceto’s major targets for their product, the involvement of Dr. Luu is certainly promising.

  • Traceto has a potential concept combining KYC compliance and decentrialized network:

One of Traceto’s strengths is a unique focus on KYC compliance. There are very few companies and teams can meet the demand of KYC procedure, especially there are more and more new project raised capital through selling token (ICO), and this procedure is served for legality problem, so it must be performed rigidly and economically, but there are still many problems in this process like :

* To ensure KYC process must be rigid, this requires high expenses and skillful, experienced specialist.

* A false assumption that anonymity overrides the need to comply with AML and CTF regulations.

* A low priority allocated to compliance due to its perception as being a cost center.

Understand the problem is existing in this industry, Traceto immediately give the solution perfectly. They can develop a network based on their KYC framework that will satisfy real-world regulations. Moreover, Traceto also provide an ongoing due diligence process that is demonstrable to regulators, fuse smart contracts with A.I. to promote regulatory inclusion.

More general decentralized identity initiative could come to replicate this functionality easily, or develop their own plug-ins for KYC compliance. Traceto is also unique in attempting to launch its own decentralized network of nodes. This makes the Traceto network more decentralized but also more resource-intensive to manage and govern. Should this project be successful, it could become the foundation for the generalized identity protocol.

  • Traceto has an existing business means existing profit

Traceto is not a project that was built from scratch. With an existing KYC product that is already gaining revenue, Traceto comes from a company with a track record of success in its industry. With over 50 clients in the crypto space utilizing Artemis, there is a potential opportunity for adoption of Traceto.

Traceto already have their own clients, not few but more than 450 clients using their serviced already. Many ICO projects now have nothing but a white paper, everything just an idea, they have no MVP at all. But Traceto, they already have customers, especially big customers such as Icon, Kyber Network, Tomochain, Qlink, IOTex, Zilliqua, etc.

  • Traceto has been in partnership for development

One promising partnership that has already been announced of Traceto team is with Kyber Network. Kyber intends to utilize Traceto as their means of conducting KYC. A high-profile integration such as this in the target market could bode well toward the ever-looming question of adoption. Furthermore, as ICOs continue to emerge, a steady pipeline exists that could help Traceto acquire both new users and enterprise customers.

  • Traceto has been doing good with social media platforms

Traceto aims at gaining popularity via social media channels and bounty programs. For the Telegram community, they have more than 10,700 members in their group and more than 6,400 followers on their Twitter. You can be a part of their groups in order to be updated with the lastet information by clicking here:

Telegram: traceto.io

Twitter: traceto.io (@tracetoio) | Twitter

  • Traceto has the well-built documentations

The 35-page whitepaper of Traceto is available at: https://traceto.io/static/wp/traceto_io_GBX_whitepaper_v1.30_26032018.pdf. It contains the information about the problems and solutions for KYC offered by the team of Traceto. In addition, there are paragraphs dedicated to the team’s profiles and their analysis on the competitors and the details of token sales. This white paper is very nicely-designed and the information is illustrated in details. Excellent!

Besides the good whitepaper, the website is also very detailed, contains all necessary graphics and information about the token sale and theproduct. The website is deigned in an innovation way which also gives the links to social media pages and documents.

Token sale

Their Token is named Tracto token (T2T) and the maximum total supply is 1 billion token

Hardcap : 28.300.000 USD (35.000 ETH)

USD $0.10 = 1 T2T, exclusive of transaction fees or costs. Tokens may be purchased in fractions up to 18 decimal places. Minimum purchase amount in public sale is USD $500


To sum it up, аs а pаrt of our review, we see strong potentiаl in this ICO. The concept of the project is very useful and potentiаlly very profitаble. Having known the problems of the present day KYC processes, Traceto has come up with a great concept for combating this menace by using blockchain and it’s related technologies thereby bridging the issues encountered with the present day KYC methods giving us efficient AML and CTF procedures

The site’s design looks good and all of the information are provided transparently and with many details. Going by their strong team and extensive roadmap on the website, Nuggets definitely does not seem like a short term project, it is worth investing both from short аnd long-term perspectives

The sooner you will support the project by buying its tokens, the better price you mаy expect аlong with bonuses. So far, the platform looks promising with all the required areas covered. However, we advise you to invest carefully as there is no 100% guarantee on success. Also, the security market may sound a bit risky for some new investors.

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Interested readers can take a closer look at the following links:

Website : https://traceto.io/

Whitepaper: https://traceto.io/static/wp/traceto_io_GBX_whitepaper_v1.30_26032018.pdf

Twitter : https://twitter.com/tracetoio

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/traceto.io

Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3439768.0


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