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Introduction on CHAOEX

CHAOEX was founded by UNIQUE Network Technology (Hong Kong) Co.Ltd., invested and controlled by Mr. Jin Jingguo, the legal person of XYHJ Network Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., which is a blockchain asset transaction service platform for global traders. CHAOEX head office is in Hong Kong, China, aggregating high-quality blockchain assets around the world. Currently, it has opened three major trading zones, providing dozens of digital products trading services. Transaction is available in Chinese traditional and English. CHAOEX is committed to build blockchain assets transaction platform with the best quality for global users.

CHAOEX platform began to be developed from early June 2017, and ended testing period in August. CHAOEX launched its trial operation to global users on September 20th, 2017. At present, more than 70 members work in CHAOEX team. CHAOEX platform service has been continuously improved, and its good user experience and customer service are widely recognized. CHAOEX platform 2.0 release conference was held in Hong Kong on June 28, 2018. According to the professional evaluating team, valuation of CHAOEX platform no less than RMB 500 million.

CHAOEX head office is located in Hailian Building, 221–226 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China, establishing a marketing team which provides service in English, French, Korean and Russian. The team will actively implement the developmental concept of the blockchain to promote the global development of blockchain technology.

Advantages of CHAOEX platform

Data transparency:

The user transaction data is packaged on the blockchain to ensure the available currency of the platform is transparent; the data of the transaction order is transparent; the analysis of the transaction data is transparent. platform transaction is guaranteed to be fair and equitable.

Security mechanism:

The multi-layer,multi-cluster system architecture is secure and stable. Multiple security measures such as anti-injection, anti-infiltration, anti-CC, and anti-DDOS are implemented in security protection to ensure the security of user asset transactions.

Trading experience:

Providing users with a set of order types with the most advanced algorithms, which allows traders to select the required tools according to specific needs, while simplifying the trading process and ensuring smooth and fast trading.

Page design:

The overall UI of the website adopts a flat design style. The layout and color matching are completed by well-known UI designers in Hong Kong. In order to meet the diverse needs of users, the website provides two colors: light and dark.

Multi-voice support:

In order to meet the demand of users in different countries and regions, the company has two language versions : Chinese (Traditional Chinese) and English. New language versions will be added according to the future needs.

User Service:

A professional customer service team provides 7X24 hours of caring service to users around the world to ensure that all problems encountered during the transaction process can be resolved in time.

In order to enhance the user experience and transaction security of the platform, CHAOEX platform is working with third parties to re-develop the transaction matching system. In the next 2–3 months, you will see the new CHAOEX platform.


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