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With the advent of the cryptocurrency and the blockchain world, the crypto asset exchanges have also become popular. However the technology behind making such trade is still evolving and that is where Digital Ticks aims to make a difference. This is an upcoming business model that proposes trades to be conducted on the basis of smart contracts. With the use of block chain methodology the transaction records that would be created would be indelible and come with time stamps. This would make the decentralized framework offer secure trading options for all. The platform would offer several unique features as listed below.

Features of Digital Ticks

This platform would offer the following features:

  • It would provide trading for different crypto assets that emerge in different market segments.
  • It would enable crypto asset exchange and trading options.
  • The trading platform would have intuitive and user friendly interface that can be understood easily even by novice traders.
  • The trading platform will help traders make the most of the volatility aspects in the crypto commodity and asset market
  • It would include advanced security features that would prevent phishing attempts and DDoS attacks.
  • The system would be robust enough to handle trade in crypto assets in large volumes.
  • Users who start trading on the system need not pay transaction charges initially; those who trade in high volumes would be incentivized accordingly.
  • Users would be assured of the fairness of trading results due to the blockchain framework that the system would be based upon.
  • There would be prompt and responsive customer support to aid traders as they transact with the system; this will ensure that users get real time help as required.

digitalticks architecture
digitalticks architecture

Management of Digital Ticks

An experienced team of industry professionals are working to make Digital Ticks all it can be and more. The focus is on creating a stable and secure trading environment. At the same time the trading algorithm of this system would ensure that traders can make the most of the volatility of the crypto asset price movements. Jitu Bajaj acts as CEO of the company aided by Mayur Poddar who holds the role of Chief Communication Officer. Others have varied roles in the team such as Pooja Juneja who is the legal advisor of projects.

Should you invest in Digital Ticks?

In the market for crypto assets, expanding at an exponential rate, there is much viability for a trading exchange model in such assets and commodities. What would differentiate this model from others would be the trading algorithm and how well it is executed in a safe and lucrative manner for the traders. The ICO program of the company is about to commence in its public sale forum. Hence it is a good opportunity to invest in the program and gain ownership rights of tokens in the system. As the system launches and demand for the tokens increase, this will only make the token holders enjoy more profits from their ownership rights of this venture.


digitalticks token allocation
digitalticks token allocation


Token details




PRICE - 1 DTX = 0.375 ETH

PLATFORM - Ethereum


SOFT CAP - $5,700,000

HARD CAP - $30,000,000

PRE ICO SALE - 25.03.2018 to 14.04.2018

SALE - 15.04.2018 to 15.05.2018 (ongoing)










Bitcointalk Username: vancuongdbj
Bitcointalk Profile URL:;u=1667647

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