Egretia Teams Up with Egret Technologies to Create the World's Most Powerful HTML5 Workflow!






Egretia Teams Up with Egret Technologies to Create the World's Most Powerful HTML5 Workflow!

First-class cross-platform system - Egret Engine (Photo: Business Wire)

First-class cross-platform system - Egret Engine (Photo: Business Wire)

  • First-class cross-platform system - Egret Engine (Photo: Business Wire)
  • An HTML5 game based on Egret Engine (Photo: Business Wire)
  • An HTML5 game based on Egret Engine (Photo: Business Wire)
  • Egret Wing operation interface (Photo: Business Wire)
  • HTML5 Blockchain Engine Architecture (Photo: Business Wire)
  • Dragon Bones operation interface (Photo: Business Wire)
  • Egret Runtime Architecture (Photo: Business Wire)
April 23, 2018 01:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In an era before HTML5 games had become fashionable and Flash games were spread all over the world and considered the only avenue for game production, Steve Jobs had already perceived the infinite potential of HTML5 and foreseen the not-too-distant future.

In a 2010 article entitled "Thoughts on Flash" which appeared on Apple's official website, Jobs described the status quo of the current technology applications and denounced the six major mishaps that were caused by the bottleneck problem in Flash technology. In the article, Jobs reiterated the transformation of the current technology and people's infinite expectations about technological openness and convenience. His critique of the current technology demonstrated perfectly the "more advanced technology" that was distinguishable from flash. It also brought the term HTML5 to the attention of the public for the first time.

In 2014, the trends of HTML5 were gradually engulfing the gaming industry, and the game "Catch the Cat" popularized by Egret Technologies coincided with the first year of HTML5 games. The multitude of HTML5 game developers, communities, and channels that have emerged all over the world testify to the boom of the HTML5 gaming industry. In a short 4-year period, the HTML5 game market scale in China has jumped from 50 million RMB in the first year to 6 billion RMB today. This growth represents a 120-fold increase and establishes the enormous blue ocean market covered by HTML5 technology.

Despite the rapidly developing bull market of HTML5 games, it is undeniable that the current HTML5 games still have many pain points regarding performance and compatibility. The lack of HTML5 development tools, the immaturity of the eco-environment and technical support and a series of irrelevant factors have hindered developers' progress in creating genuinely unique HTML5 games.

As the world's first HTML5 blockchain service platform and ecosystem, Egretia officially announced today it is cooperating with world-class HTML5 technology service provider Egret Technologies. Egretia will use blockchain technology and the most advanced development suites to break down the developmental pain points of HTML5 games one by one. Furthermore, our interface framework, shall not only supports Egretia’s own public chain, but also can be extended to support Ethereum, EOS and other public chains in the future!

Solution 1: Creating The World's Most Complete HTML5 Blockchain Workflow - Egretia Blockchain Lab

Egretia's partner Egret Technologies has already solved the challenges of HTML5 game performance, compatibility, and operating environment. The world's first HTML5 workflow created by Egret Technologies, including the free open source HTML5 Egret Engine, Egret Wing, Dragon Bones, Egret Runtime and other tools, will bring prosperity to the HTML5 mobile ecosystem.

As the world's first HTML5 blockchain service platform and ecosystem, Egretia will integrate blockchain technology into the mature HTML5 development workflow of Egret Technologies. Based on Egret's proven workflow, Egretia will provide new front and back-end services that encapsulate complex blockchain technology into HTML5 interfaces. Through accessing these interfaces, developers can quickly create HTML5 games that provide a unified digital wallet pass, smart contracts, transactions and other blockchain features, instead of spending extraneous time on studying underlying blockchain technology. Egretia aims to bring the existing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile terminal equipment into the blockchain world!

Solution 2: First-class cross-platform system - Egret Engine

Egret Engine is a game engine that complies with the HTML5 standard, resolves HTML5 performance problems and fragmentation issues, and its flexibly meets the needs of developers in developing 2D or 3D games. Egret Engine has a robust cross-platform operating capability and can help developers quickly and efficiently develop HTML5 games, and publish them on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and other platforms with one click. Currently, Egret Engine has more than 200,000 loyal developers worldwide.

By combining with Egret Engine’ BaaS SDK, Egretia allows all HTML5 games to access the blockchain world easily. The BaaS SDK is simple and efficient. Developers only need to apply the Egretia BaaS SDK to the game development and connect the API interface according to the official guide. This efficient and intuitive process will then quickly create an HTML5 game with blockchain technology.

Solution 3: Visual Game Editor - Egret Wing

Egret Wing is a powerful, intelligent integrated development environment (IDE) launched by Egret Technologies. It supports mainstream development languages and frameworks. It also provides smart coding assistance functions to help developers improve game development efficiency through visual editing. Egret Wing supports Node.js development extensions to improve the customization of content. Developers can use Egret Wing to create HTML5 blockchain games visually and efficiently by combining the Egretia BaaS SDK into game development.

Solution 4: Efficient Game Animation Creation Tool - Dragon Bones

Dragon Bones is the world's number one influential game animation creation brand and is the only HTML5 authoring tool released by the International Telecommunication Union (T.621). As the creative role in the HTML5 blockchain workflow, Dragon Bones can produce a variety of output formats, videos, web pages, animation data and can be used for almost all current mainstream game engines and programming languages. It can allow developers to create more vivid blockchain game animations with less graphic design cost.

Solution 5: HTML5 Game Accelerator - Egret Runtime

Egret Runtime is an accelerator component released by Egret Technologies to increase the speed and stability of HTML5 games. It is an HTML5 game accelerator that supports 3D and can solve the inadequate support and poor experience of low-end machines in handling HTML5. It can adapt to different systems and significantly enhance the performance of HTML5 games. Egret Runtime and the well-known mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi have already reached strategic cooperation. In 2017, global shipments of Xiaomi's mobile phones reached 92.4 million units. Egret Runtime is not only built into the bottom level of the Xiaomi mobile MUI system but also embedded in thousands of super grade Apps. To date, Egret Runtime has been incorporated into more than 1 billion mobile terminal devices worldwide.

Egretia Lab has integrated blockchain technology into Egret Runtime and given it a complete upgrade. The upgraded version Egret Runtime not only fully supports the original Runtime functionality but has also integrated Egretia's blockchain module and embedded its core function more securely in the bottom level of the app. The Egretia BaaS Module allows developers to easily invoke the Egretia blockchain interface during game development. It also fully supports the DPoS mechanism and implements blockchain accounting and data exchange based on the underlying Runtime.

Egretia will leverage Egret’s tremendous value by migrating its own developers, users, and content to Egretia’s workflow and blockchain; in turn, exponentially increasing its own potential. We firmly believe that this new HTML5 blockchain game platform will create a brand-new, comprehensive, user-friendly and mutually beneficial ecosystem for the entire HTML5 industry.

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