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Introdution Organicco
Organicco Limited was created after more than ten years of research and development into green-tech products, and with over two million pounds of investment. Based in the United Kingdom, Organicco will be responsible for managing the funds raised by an initial coin offering and to increase the value of Organicco tokens.

The Organic Technology Ltd was set up in January 2017, by the team who for over 10 years, developed a number of green technologies for transforming unwanted organic materials into useful saleable products. In addition to creating demands for these technologies, they also generated markets for these natural capitals.

In order to truly revolutionize the communications industry, Organic presents the most feasible solutions that OTL has been using and doing business for 10 years in this market:

  • Continuing research and upgrading of exclusive solutions: ecoHERO - organic fertilizer production, ecoDRYER - animal feed production & ecoREDUCER - renewable energy and renewable energy production desire.
  • Production of the equipment belonging to the aforementioned systems, transportation support, installation and maintenance at the partner companies, and the purchase and settlement of outputs for the finished product;
  • Expand links to businesses, companies and even governments around the world to introduce Organicco technologies and solutions;
  • Provide financial support to a number of companies so that they have the opportunity to access Organicco services, in return for which Organicco will be entitled to share profits except for their revenues;
  • Issuing an ORC token in the form of a share, allowing the owner to share the profit from the organic interest of Organicco;
    • Build easiPayer, an internal payment platform for the global agricultural market at a low cost, transparent operation using blockchain technology

What is an ICO?
What is an ICO? ICO is short for Initial coin offering and can be thought of as the cryptocurrency equivalent of an Initial Public Offering (IPO).
With the rise of the cryptocurrencies, an ICO is a new mechanism to raise funds for amazing business developments and projects. To a person that is already part of the “crypto world” it makes total sense. With this explanation I hope to reach the granny who is knitting a sweater on her rocking chair to the non millennial who has heard these terms and is dying to get on the wave.

Basically, Dapps (Decentralized Apps , a blockchain service or utility, built on the Ethereum blockchain or any other programmable blockchain) use an ICO to raise money and value the tokens (or coins) they will use in their service/apps. Instead of shares, you receive tokens that are built on the blockchain where stakeholders are also fund contributors. Those tokens are then listed on private exchanges where their values are determined based on factors such as supply and demand, what is happening in the project and so forth. Simply put, an ICO is a process of raising funds for startup companies. Simple right?

Startup companies create a token specifically related to their company on the blockchain. They then usually have a pre-sale where tokens are often sold at a discount. They then have the main sale, called the public sale, where tokens are sold at the full price. To protect anyone buying in the public sale, pre-sale tokens are often locked up for a specific period. You can think of the tokens as owning a share in the company, except the token gives you no ownership rights nor do you really share in the ‘profits’ of the company. Instead, you hope that your token value will grow as the demand for it increases. The one advantage of an ICO over an IPO is that you also will have the option to pay in cryptocurrency, often Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Potential Market
The global industrial waste management market alone is worth around $1,442 Billion. The UK Organic/ Food Waste industry is worth around £500 million and only around 18% of its value is realised by the few waste management operators existing in UK.


  • The Organicco tokens are allocated as follows:
  • Founding team 20% 24,000,000
  • Partner sale 16% 19,200,000
  • Crowd-sale 60% 72,000,000
  • Referral program 4% 4,800,000

Allocation of investment capital:
42.2% - Green technology project development
7% - Production improvement
0.8% - Marketing / PR
10.9% - Capital insurance for investors
7% - Fuel research and development, new product launches
28.2% - Property backed by easiPayer
3.8% - Legal


  • Q3/2018 around 40t of fertiliser per day by
  • Q4/2018 Another similar project is to be developed in Kent, England.
  • Q4/2018 We have number of options for developing two similar projects in Canada, one for paper-mill by-products and another for waste water treatment plants. Subject to the level of funding we achieve, we may deliver two 5t/ day fertiliser plants.
  • Q1/2018 We already have successfully delivered a government project there that will be started in.
  • Q2/2019 We will also be launching the renewable fuel system in Northern Ireland for producing 1,000 litres of methanol from farm waste by

Other Specific Targets:

  • Q2/2019: Launching easiPayer for selected suppliers and clients for testing the platform and resolving initial problems.
  • Q3/2019: Producing small quantity biomass fuels from the mixed waste material using ecoREDUCER.
  • Q4/2019: Launching an integrated anaerobic-aerobic digester (IAAD) solutions to produce both electrical energy and low-grade fertiliser from unwanted organic materials.
  • Q1/ 2020: Launching a methanol (road fuel) and ethanol (aviation fuel) plants, focusing in emerging market such as Africa, India and South America.
  • Q2/2020: Launching easiPayer for wider usage.
  • 2021: Increasing the production of fertiliser, biomass, methanol and ethanol fuels by delivering more projects.
  • 2022: Setting up systems for farmers worldwide to collaborate on producing food primarily using our organic fertiliser and helping to recover lands that are destroyed due to soil erosion.
  • 2023: Setting up a cooperative food chain distribution network of farmers worldwide, finally creating a loop economy that will close the food production life cycle and enrich many farmers around the world for sustainable food production.


  1. First, register on our website. Then upload your proof of identity so we can verify there is real person behind the name, it is typically called know your customer (KYC). We take data protection seriously and we comply with UK data protection law and will be registered with the Information Commission Office (ICO – please do not mix this acronym with above).
  2. Then either buy Ethereum on any major exchanges such as Coinbase, Blockchain, CEX and, send them to your MyEtherWallet or Metamask.
  3. Once your identity is verified, you can participate once the Initial Coin Offering begins. You can transfer the Ether through your wallets.
  4. Please DO NOT send Ether token from any exchanges, because some do not work well with smart contracts, and you may end up losing your tokens. It may be better to test by sending a small amount first
  5. If you need help, please get in touch, and we will guide you through the process.
  6. Please register early so you don’t leave the token purchase to the last minute as providing help may then be a problem.

More infomation:

Website: https://organicco.uk/
WhitePaper: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1o62YlDtcjYpCLtsa2mf41QVdRGJUttLY
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/IcJVAAuEHotRC2YmSi0vTg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/organiccouk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/organiccouk
Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCPfAUtJt8G_VzQYOYlZlxMQ
ANN & Bounty : 


Bitcointalk Username: vancuongdbj
Bitcointalk Profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1667647
Telegram: https://t.me/vancuongdbj

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