ImmVRse operates through the support of a large VR-experienced team in London. The new blockchain opportunity comes as the VR industry plans on increasing in value even further. The design of the system gives people a chance to exchange VR ideas with one another. This in turn adds to the excitement that can only come from the VR community.

The new breakthrough launched by ImmVRse is remarkable because it first decentralizes and distributes digital video platforms that will allow creators, brands, and advertisers worldwide to collaborate and deliver the best of what Virtual Reality has to offer.

Virtual technologies are currently used in various entertainment venues, games, video, cinema, etc. We also understand that in the near future the VR set will be installed in the family itself. All this leads to an increase in demand for VR content, especially for 360-degree video. The developers of ImmVRSe, registered in the UK, want to unite two fast-growing innovative directions - and thanks to the use of blocking technologies, the virtual reality industry will reach a qualitatively new level.

The IMMVRse platform was created to present a new era of stories to the world by using virtual reality (VR) with the help of blockchain technology. IMMVRse allows content creators in VR space to collaborate with other players to provide users and consumers with high-quality video material while monetizing and getting paid for jobs through various job opportunities.

This platform will be distributed using smart contracts, as well as the development and launch of decentralized applications without the influence of a centralized arbitrator, downtime, fraud or any other external influence.

The following functions of the block are used:

  • The platform is based on the Ethereum block system to be able to use smart contracts.
  • A smart contract is a function for hiring freelancers and implementing a payment process without financial intermediaries.
  • A personalized IMV token for the ecosystem.
  • Block-based compensation in the form of IMV tokens.
  • Decentralized data storage.

By utilizing smart contracts, it means they can have a peer-to-peer payment service and also make sure there's no third parties involved so everything will be automated on the ecosystem. The file distribution system, they're going to use IPFS and this gives the benefit of storing the files in a decentralized manner.

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With ImmVRse, members can share VR content in many forms. People can share it in all forms including through 360-degree videos. Augmented reality and mixed reality programs may also be supported.

This may work well for getting programs ready for many industries. It can work in the tourism industry to give people previews of places they can visit. It may also work for the healthcare industry to analyze psychiatry patients. There are also many opportunities for VR programs to operate in schools. Such programs will help teach students new concepts and ideas in a unique environment.


A currency is being created to run along the ImmVRse network. This is the ImmVRse token. It will facilitate payment between people within the network. This allows people to use cryptographic signatures like with other digital currencies. The transactions listed run through many nodes on the blockchain network. This keeps all transaction records permanently.


ImmVRse will make VR functions easier for people to access while linking enthusiasts together. It will also encourage businesses to make their products easier to spot online. The network will also ease transactions between people who want to get VR programs or contracts.
Creators can even use ImmVRse to be hired by advertisers or other groups by offering their unique VR portfolios to others. This may work for many marketing needs to create videos that add a special appearance for all to check out.


ImmVRse is planning to raise fund through ICO. The tokens being produced will be used as currency for use within ImmVRse when it is opened up. The funding is going towards the development of the platform. This includes the efforts for getting enough trained and qualified employees ready to help with getting ImmVRse up and running.

The excitement of the VR world is blossoming. ImmVRse is helping to make it easier for people to get their VR content shared and to link with others in the field. This, in turn, can help people to create new business connections and sales within the network. ImmVRse should make for an interesting development in the market, especially with the VR community growing in size.

Crypto investor who are interested in taking part in a unique futuristic VR platform, may apply for crowsale.


As you know, YouTube, Facebook, and other numerous platforms use VR support. However, the platforms they use do not have enough content creators. This problem occurs due to some reasons, such as the expensive camera price, as well as the lack of copyright protection and the dominance of video in 180 / 2D. All this reduces the content available to viewers.

Other problems that currently occur in the VR industry include the payment model and income generation. In many countries, users are limited by the legal rules for payment. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a decentralized payment model supported by the blockchain. This is what ImmVRse does. Using blockchain technology, anyone in the ecosystem is able to cope with the cryptocurrency. Sending and receiving money will no longer be a problem, as in the blockchain model, everything is easily handled by using a web wallet.


Each participant receives undeniable benefits:

  • Advertisers will be able to purchase IMV to calculate for advertising. A certain portion of the amount will be shared between content creators and users;

  • IMV will be the only form of payment for watching a video;

  • earned IMV, you can save in the purse or set for bidding on exchanges;

  • Organizations will be able to pay for the work done, using IMV or Ethereum. The agreements will be governed by the Smart contract. For the correctness and fairness of the transaction, there is no need to attract third parties.

  • ICO details

The ICO will be held in April 2018 after the company receives potential investors. If you are interested in participating in a private pre-ICO, you are invited to contact the company directly through the official website. In addition, it is important to regularly check the website, because the personal date of the preliminary ICO may change.
In this pre-ICO sale will be released only 10 percent of the total number of tokens.

Symbol of the token: IMV
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Token Price: 0.2 USD + bonus
Minimum investment: 50 USD
Softcap: 5,000,000 USD
Hardcap: 20,000,000 USD
Country: UK
Token for sale: 33% (300,000,000 IMV )


The project team consists of quite young specialists but already having experience in large corporations with a multimillion-dollar turnover.
There are specialists here:

  • Appropriate specialists in the field of technology and IT management
  • Professional in working with higher organizations
  • Specializes in block and crypto-currencies
  • Effective in project development/management
  • Highly qualified in the field of digital and traditional marketing

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