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In an unexpected way, the cryptocurrency economy has blossomed in the last twelve months, reaching unexpected heights, and penetrating into systems on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, even skeptics like me, who never saw an opportunity in cryptocurrency, have all delved in to this great idea.
At the moment, there are millions of traders all around the globe, who are actively engaged in buying or selling cryptocurrencies, or even swapping from one coin to the other, but not without the difficulties of the current exchange platforms.
At the moment, getting actively involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is getting harder, and that’s most likely because these platforms did not foresee the possible growth that has taken over.
Major exchange platforms have been hacked, this has resulted in the loss of billions of dollars, the governments have swung in with unfriendly policies, and the overwhelming migrations into the crypto world has exposes the efficiency of customer support systems, but there’s a breakthrough now.
LCCX is a 21st century innovation. It is a 100% regulated exchange platform that has been insured against hacks. It is based in London. The full meaning of LCCX is LONDON CRYPTO CURRENCY EXCHANGE
One of the major perks of the LCCX exchange platform is its very wide coverage of hundreds of cryptocurrencies, and the unbeatable ability to directly trade popular currencies like the USD for crypto in minimal time.

LCCX Customer Support System

In  order to cope with the surge of members who may have one issue or the other, LCCX will have a real-time 24/7 customer support system and a live chat functionality in order to give customers access to an industry leading experience.

Major Advantages Of The LCCX Platform

Members of the LCCX community will be benefiting from the brilliant innovation in various ways such as:
  • 60% - 70% of the members funds will be stored safely in cold storage vaults to guarantee a safe trading environment
  • All clients funds will be insured in case there is a hack
  • The 24/7 live chat feature will be the first ever in the industry
  • There will be hundreds of coin options to trade with, and more coins will be reviewed and added
  • Popular cryptocurrencies will be paired against fiat currencies
  • Withdrawal fees are guaranteed to be extremely low, etc.
At the moment, the LCCX team are already actively working without reservations with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom and various other regulators all around the world.

The LCCX Token

The team have also introduced the LCCX token which will be used to guarantee speedy and secure transactions on the exchange platform. The token is identified as the LXT.
According to the whitepaper, about 100 million tokens will be issues. The LXT token will be Ethereum based with an ERC 20 standard.


The token will be useful for making affiliate payments and for referral rewards on the LCCX platform.
The token will be a means of paying remunerations, withdrawal fees, and exchange fees on the platform.
Associated bonuses on the platform will be paid on the LCCX platform in LXT.

Token Distribution

As has been transparently revealed by the LCCX team,
  • 18% of the tokens will be reserved for the LCCX team
  • The advisors and early birds will get in on 14% of the tokens
  • The bounty and referral programs will have 8%
  • The public token sales will have the remaining 60%
From available information, the LCCX platform has already kicked of its activities.
The bounty program kicked off on the 1st of March, 2018 with about 3,333,334 available tokens.
The public ICO pre-sale also launched on the 12th of March with 3 tiers of bonuses and rewards.
  • An associated 30% bonus for the first 15 million tokens that are sols
  • An associated 20% bonus for the following 9 million tokens that are sold
  • An associated 10% bonus for the next 6 million tokens that are sold



LCCX Roadmap

The conception of such brilliant idea started in the third quarter of 2017, nevertheless, it is perceived that the LCCX platform will be majorly established with over 200 various assets and will become one of the top 5 currency exchange platforms by the second quarter of 2019.
Below is an extensive overview of the proposed roadmap.

About The LCCX Team

Amongst the LCCX team are Robert Benwell who is the founder and CEO of the platform, We also have Alice Copilet as the CLO, Mark Wilson Hooper as the Head of Network, Praveen Dagdi as the lead exchange developer, Janica San Juan is the Head of Marketing, and Ana Preda ans the Community manager.
It is undoubtedly amazing to have a platform with 24/7 accessibility to traders in a well refined and control environment. LCCX will definitely be the best option, and a major breakthrough in the cryptocurrency trading industry.
For more information, you may check out any of the following links below:
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Bitcointalk Profile URL:;u=1667647

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