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Market Space ICO (MASP Token)
Market Space is an upcoming blockchain based decentralized system that will address data storage, as well as the transmission and direct distribution of digital content. It strives to be an affordable and safe platform where professional hosting providers and customers can interact.

Market Space is based in the Eastern European country of Estonia and will be holding a token sale from March 26 to May 6, 2018, in hopes of raising funds with an eye toward a launch during the third quarter of 2019.

About Market Space

Market Space was founded by Alexander Rakhmanov, a native of Estonia, in October 2017. He previously spent more than five years as the CEO of, a site that helps users share files safely and securely. Eugene Parafiynyk is serving as Market Space’s Senior Blockchain Developer. He has worked previously as an iOS developer, Ethereum Blockchain developer, and a web designer.

PRESENTATION is a self-regulatory, decentralized host aggregator system for storage and transmission of data and direct content distribution. This system works as a marketplace where exchange mechanisms of pricing and unlimited number of participants underlie profitability. It is a highly transparent and utterly secure platform for functions like direct content distribution. It is accepting tokens from leading blockchain storage projects like STORJ and Sia Tech. It offers a transparent platform and utterly secure storage platform. It does not involve regulations, commissions or security threats. The contractors involved in the system are remunerated. helps overcome the limitations of blockchain based and cloud based modern data storage system.

Again, is constructing data storage space options. It is not only providing you with information storage options yet likewise it provides you with storage space services also. The major one-of-a-kind selling factor of this service is that it will certainly provide you with holding solutions and also data storage space remedies at an extremely inexpensive cost. As a result, you will be able to conveniently organize your site rather easily.

Since it will be done over a distributed system, you could be certain that any kind of lag in a few servers will not influence your website. At the exact same moment, scalability can be quickly accomplished. When scalability can be easily achieved, you can be certain that any added load/traffic on your internet site will certainly not affect your website adversely. The uptime of the site will be excellent too.

On the various other hand, given that the information is dispersed, it will certainly become less complicated for you to secure your data too. This will certainly guarantee that also during the hacking attempts, your website is working perfectly fine.

In addition to the low charges of information storage in addition to hosting, the purchase fees will additionally get on the lower side. As the purchase charges on the reduced side, you can be certain that you will certainly be able to conserve a substantial quantity of cash when you're acquiring organizing from this system. Additionally, with the assistance of clever contracts appropriate execution of transactions can be done also. Presently, the company is introducing an ICO.


How This Works

Market Space has cited several issues with the data storage systems currently in use. For instance, centralized storage services like the cloud are vulnerable to hacks and theft. There are also inconsistencies when it comes to the cost of certain services.

Meanwhile, decentralized storage systems may help limit security issues, but the data isn’t always easily accessible upon request. Also, consumer devices can be susceptible to corruption.

Market Space believes it has the potential to address these issues by combining blockchain technology with professional hosting providers. Essentially, Market Space serves as a host aggregator so that only the owner and recipient can access files in a way that’s secure, affordable, and reliable.

The Market Space website has outlined the following 8-step process:

  1. The contractors make an insurance deposit.
  2. The customer sends a storage request with details such as the file size and storage period.
  3. Several hosts respond with offers.
  4. A list of the best offers is created.
  5. The customer can choose one or more hosts and makes payment.
  6. The host accepts the payment and sends the customer a URL to upload the file.
  7. The customer uploads the file, which is encrypted with the private key and sent to the server of the host chosen by the customer.
  8. Either the customer or a third party the customer grants access to the file can download the file using the key.

Market Space Materials

The Market Space token sale will start on March 26 and run through May 6. One MASP token is being valued at $0.35 with a minimum contribution of $35. There is no limit on how much an individual can invest during the ICO. Market Space has set a soft cap of $15 million for the token sale and a hard cap of $50 million. Tokens will be allocated roughly two weeks after the ICO ends on May 6.

Is Market Space Right for You?

Market Space can potentially be used to confirm certain transactions or proof of ownership. It will also be useful when it comes to speeding up the defense of patents, intellectual property rights, and trademarks.

Perhaps more universally, it can aid in the distribution of audio and video files and similar types of content. If you send or receive such files on a regular basis, Market Space could be a good fit for you.

Market Space Benefits & Side Effects

Market Space appears to have devised a system that is beneficial for all parties involved. Customers can store and transmit data in a way that’s both safe and affordable. Hosting providers, on the other hand, can utilize open space while charging a fair rate.

The people behind Market Space also appear to have the experience and expertise needed to turn their vision into a reality. That being said, investment is about to take place yet the expected launch date is still a year and a half on the horizon. That leaves plenty of time for something to go wrong.

Day of ICO: 16-04-2018 to 27-04-2018
Token phrase: MASP
Cost of token: 1 MASP = US$ 0.35
Incentive schedule: yes
Platform: Ethereum
Money approved: ETH, BTC, BCC, LTC, BTC, Fiat currency
Minimum investment: US$ 35
Soft cap: US$ 15 million
Tough cap: US$ 50 million

Market Space Team

As it is present in affordable organizing and also data storage space services market, the gestation period of the platform will be higher. Nevertheless, since it offers budget-friendly options, the potential is most definitely there. This is the reason why you should consider purchasing this ICO.

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