The Merculet project aim to develop and support a decentralized Attention Value Network. It will connect the sides of the supply and demand of attention with a set of open protocols to promote a virtuous Internet circulation of Value.
Merculet gives absolute permission to help businessmen produce UAT (user tokens), which are considered marked markers for any entrepreneur. UAT will link the main MVP token with different rates, which guarantees the synergy and interchange of prices among businessmen.
Merculet will build an open content platform based on consensus and Tokens-driven, becoming the sources of user attention and encouraging all ecosystem users to actively promote the positive cycle of the global content ecosystem as participants.

Merculet assembled the Network of Attention values in the light of consideration, using public conventions meetings to link the request and proposal of consideration.
Merculet gives far-reaching answers that allow business people to issue their own tokens to pay customers off. (Tokens used inside the system can not be exchanged for advertisements with symbols) These tokens are called UAT (User Attention Token).
Technologically, Merculet will use a multi-asset and multi-asset model for a multilayer architecture to balance the performance of Internet mass users, a large number of intermediate states, and underlying public string performance.
Merculet forms the concept of a score of user meaning with the purpose of academic measurement of the value of the user's interest. A businessman is simply able to gain admission to a concept that is able to freely integrate with classical reward systems with the support of a set of disclosed protocols.

In addition, Merculet assumes that the evaluation of the user's value will experimentally evaluate the perceptions and interactions of customers with the help of a familiar basis.
In addition, Merculet has created a key association with various applications, have a huge client base both locally and at the universal level.
Merculet consists of a series of protocols and DApp (decentralized applications). Some of the protocols are as follows:
ATP: Tokenization of Attention protocol
ATP - to digitize user behavior, evaluate attention and translate users' attention to effective proof of work (PoW).

ARP: remuneration for attention protocol
It rewards the user according to the frequency of attention; includes: standard access protocols, rules development protocols, budget distribution protocols, accounting and reporting protocols.

UCP: Universal Content Protocol
It contains a group of sub-protocols to support the entire content distribution process, including the content import protocol, the content export protocol, content consumption, the content distribution protocol evaluation, and the billing protocol.

UIP: Universal Identity Protocol
It combines all ID services for the distribution of users, content, business and other identifier.

Road map

2018 Q 1
• An impeccable technique for increasing users;
• Design of the concept of the price point (AVN) and control of the POC;
2018 Q 2
• MVP token;
• The release of the AVN β1 system (including the UAV system 1.0 and the UAT 1.0 system) and the application market β1;
• Content Open Platform Product Design;
• At least one of the partners is on the platform (ELEX) and finishes testing for more than 15 partners;
2018 Q 3
• Release AVN system β2, Attention
• Purse β1, UAT Application Market
• Version 1.1 and Open Content Platform beta1;
2018 Q 4
• Release Attention Purse β2 & Open Content Platform β2;
• Maintain the exchange between UAT;
• AVN (Network Attention Value Network) 1.0 on the platform.
2019 Q 1
• Location and internationalization of content;
• Localization of product functions;
• To enrich the trading add-ons MVP and distribution scenarios.
2019 Q2
• The open content site:
• Consensus mechanism of practical degree
• Updating of the basic technological process;
2019 Q 3
• Complete updating of the basic technology

Token Name: MVP
TOTAL: 10,000,000,000 MVP
Softcap: 10000 ETH
Hardcap: 31000 ETH
ETH 1 ETH = 87500 MVP
Minimum fees: 0.1 ETH
START DATE: March 20, 2018
END DATE: April 16, 2018.


Project has a strong and highly qualified team, which in my opinion is able to bring the project to the highest level in the shortest time and I hope they succeed.

The team includes large specialists from various industries with many years of experience. With key participants you can see on the official website, there you will also find links to their personal accounts in social networks.


I want to say that this is really a new and unusual project. And I will advice u invest. This is a 8/10 rated by me.


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