MoviesChain by TVzavr Prepares Revolution in The Independent Film Market


MoviesChain by TVzavr Prepares Revolution in The Independent Film Market – Be happy for movie lovers, because this time we will discuss about decentralized projects in the film market. What is the name of the project? Yes, the project is called MoviesChain.

At the 68th Berlin International Film Festival, a new technological platform designed to decentralize the distribution of films called MoviesChain by TVzavr was presented. It is one of the first projects for the film industry that uses blockchain technology. Independent producers of multimedia content are expected to have the greatest interest in this new platform.

The MoviesChain by TVzavr platform directly connects filmmakers and viewers, significantly reducing marketing and distribution costs. The new technology effectively eliminates intermediaries, who now receive up to half of the revenue of each movie seen, from the film-spectator chain. The platform opens up new opportunities for independent film producers by offering them a simple, completely transparent and financially attractive distribution plan that uses online theaters. All this allows art fans to watch films of their favorite directors and others who are about to appear almost immediately after the premiere of their films at festivals.


At the same time, MoviesChain by TVzavr offers reliable protection against piracy, something important for independent producers and large studios alike. In the future, this will significantly reduce the time between premieres in traditional and online theaters and will make the latter more attractive.

The platform has been developed by TVzavr, one of the main players in the Russian VOD market (video on demand). Today, the company’s services, TVzavr, Russian Cinema and MoviesChain, have 175 million unique users. In 2017, the number of users grew by 25% and TVzavr’s annual earnings were $ 10 million, double the previous year. Revenues from content sales grew by 3% and 45% of ads.

MoviesChain by TVzavr will work on a pay-per-view pay-as-you-go model with the cost of watching a movie at $ 1.50. Transactions will be made using the internal currency of the platform: ZVR tokens. They will go on sale on April 16, when the tokens can be acquired by exchange with other cryptocurrencies.



ZVR Token is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed to deliver exclusive access to movies produced by independent film producers. ZVR Token is further designed to overcome inefficiencies in the independent film distribution industry by serving as a means of exchange on the MoviesChain by TVzavr platform. ZVR tokens will allow rental or purchase of video content on the MoviesChain by TVzavr platform, allowing everyone access to quality content. At its core, MoviesChain by TVzavr embedded, immutable, and transparent accounting practices, as well as attractive pricing, will restore trust and confidence to creators of original content, thereby securing artistic freedom of expression. In addition, to enhance the customer experience and gain viewer interest, the platform includes Customer Reward program for ZVR token holders, allocating 10% of all revenues (including revenues in fiat and cryptocurrencies) from the platform to the Customer Reward pool.
ZVR token
100,000,000 ZVR
  • Therefore, there are two benefits from holding ZVR tokens:
  • an access to unique video content
  • an ability to participate in the Customer Reward program (that should be noted that MoviesChain by TVzavr would constantly buy significant amount of ZVR tokens from the secondary market to allocate tokens to the Customer Reward Program)

The Executive Director of Cannes Marché du Film, Jerome Paillard, says:

“The project presented by MoviesChain by TVzavr, like others using blockchain technology and film, is an important part of the future. At Cannes Marché du Film, we paid a lot of attention to new technologies in general and blockchain in particular. The problem is that bitcoin does not have a very good image in some countries. But I am convinced that the new cryptocurrency can have higher standards of control and ethics and allow people, specifically those connected to making movies and those who simply love to watch them, to use it with more confidence.”


The MoviesChain by TVzavr project consultant, Alexey Yeremenko, believes that there is a real opportunity to unleash the multibillion-dollar niche of independent cinema from the domain of intermediaries. To do this, there is a new technology that can provide total transparency of all transactions. TVzavr also has a decade of experience in the home video entertainment industry, a large customer base, solid revenues and a very close team of 70 specialists.

Alexey Yeremenko, explains:

“Our project is different from other blockchain-based projects that do not normally have customers, equipment, revenues or ready products.”

Artem Vasilyev, co-producer of the film Dovlatov by Aleksey German Jr, commented:

“Well, what can the producer say if he is offered direct access to the consumer and his interests without additional intermediaries and with a transaction system that is transparent and quick? It sounds like a fairy tale, but if this is really the way it works, it’s wonderful! The new online service leaders are really the new specialties and they are already formulating their own content agenda, which takes into account the interests of independent film fans.”

ZVR will be launched from April 16 on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of tokens ERC20. 100 million ZVR will be issued in total, distributing 70 million ZVR during the initial offer. The sale of ZVR tokens will last for three months. The minimum investment required (softcap) will be $ 5 million and the maximum (hardcap) will be $ 30 million. The price of the tokens will be determined when the offer begins. During the first stage, only participants on the white list who have registered at can buy chips. The first third of the participants in the first stage will receive a bonus of 25%. The remaining participants of the first stage will receive a bonus of 20%.

Bounty program

Many of you asked about bounty program. The MoviesChain by TVzavr is ready to share hard facts with you. It will start after the ICO. So, 2% of the proceeds from tokens sold will be allocated to the bounty program. Tokens will be sent to all participants on ETH wallets. About shares:


» 25% of tokens from the budget are allocated to Social Media Bounty (Facebook and Twitter).

» 40% of tokens from the budget are allocated to Blog Article & Videos Bounty.

» 30% of tokens from the budget are allocated to Signature Bounty.

» 5% of tokens from the budget are allocated to Telegram Logo and Tittle Bounty.

Everyone who completes an application before the set date will receive a 20% bonus to their shares/tokens.

There will be Telegram, Facebook and Twitter bounty. Stay tuned and follow us. More details, please visit some of the references below:

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