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 Online Main Features

* Ethereum Based

Our solution uses standard ERC20 tokens from the Ethereum platform which guarantees full transparency and accountability, meaning all transactions will be visible on the public BlockChain.

No Ads

At this moment, the web users are paying to browse the internet, either through subscriptions or through less transparent fees, such as digital advertising. In our envisaged environment the web users will enjoy an ad free Internet, while the web operators will still benefit from financial rewards

No Tracking

In today's interconnected society, companies adopted less transparent practices of online tracking and behavioral profiling. Very sensitive information, such as financial and health records are often collected, thus raising a myriad of privacy concerns. Our solution incorporates a tracking script blocker that will severely disrupt the ability to continue tracking in real-time the user's activity

Antivirus Protection

The massive expansion of the Internet and the high degree of connectivity lead to a similar or even more dramatic rise in cyber-attacks aiming at gathering sensitive and confidential information. One of the most prominent way of carrying a cyber-attack is through the infected websites that usually contain hidden malware scripts. Our solution will protect the end users using a custom anti-malware and ad blocking script that will safeguard their personal data and enhance their security.

Faster Browsing

People are aware that online ads are slowing down their browsing speed, hence an increasing number of users are using ad blockers to navigate the internet faster. Through our solution, end users will benefit from the effects as using an ad blocker, while also enjoying a more secure and private experience due to the other features. Furthermore, the web operators will still be able to monetize their websites' content.

Browser extensions

Our solution comes with extensions for all the major desktop and mobile browsers and includes the ad blocker, tracking script blocker, anti malware and the web wallet. On top, we will integrate a voting system through which will help curate the internet.

Mobile application

Our mobile applications will function as a wallet, ad blocker, tracking script blocker and anti malware. The mobile apps will also contain a performance and battery time enhancer that will further improve the browsing experience.


Our wallets will work on all major operating systems and browsers. Mobile phones and tablets will have one app for wallet, ad blocker, tracking script, anti malware and desktop operating system will also have dedicated app wallets.


Our website will have a full section dedicated to finding all the places where you can buy using a in-house developed merchant system. Also, the marketplace will contain detailed information regarding how other merchants can integrate our merchant system. Information regarding international group of partners will also be available.


Merchants will be able to accept crypto payments through our system by using our API or premade modules for most popular ecommerce software solutions like shopify, prestashop, opencart, magento and others.

How it works

The financial rewarding basis for website operators will be the proof of online, namely a number that quantifies the time spent by users on each website. Most importantly, everyone will benefit from an ad free, secure and private browsing experience. Also, the end users will be able to rank each website based on their experience, by using a voting system based on 1 to 5 stars. The stars will then be converted based on an algorithmic formula in Trust Rating which will be an indicative of each websites' quality, awarded by its visitors.


Token Distribution

Token mechanics



- 2017

The idea first appeared in June

June to December:

-> ​ Initial research Phase


-> ​  Validated the potential of the idea


-  2018

+ 1st Quarter


-> ​ Studying blockchain in terms of platform integration perspective

-> ​ Risk analysis, associated with blockchain

-> ​ Started the development for the TGE Website & Platform


-> ​  2nd phase of research completed


-> ​ Whitepaper published

-> ​ Development finished for the test network and base contracts code 

-> ​ Development finished for user API

-> ​  Development started for data aggregation and financial dispatcher

-> ​ Smart contract development started

-> ​ UI design finished

-> ​ Private TGE sales started

-> ​ TGE platform beta version

- 2nd Quarter


-> ​ TGE platform published accepting user registrations

-> ​ Malware protection development started

-> ​ User validation development started

-> ​ Online time tracking development finished.


-> ​ Chrome and Firefox browser extensions development started

-> ​ Web dashboard for OIO token owners development started

-> ​ ICE token distribution algorithm implemented


-> ​ TGE starts

-> ​ Malware protection beta

-> ​ User validation beta

-> ​ Private cloud beta, guardian script beta

-> ​ Wallet development started

+ 3rd Quarter


-> Chrome and Firefox browser extensions beta

->  ICE token smart contract published

-> ​ Web dashboard for OIO token owners release

-> ​ Private cloud release

-> ​ Guardian script release


-> ​ Beta version of web dashboard for OIO token owners release

-> ​ Chrome and Firefox Browser extensions release


-> ​ Wallet beta release

+ 4th Quarter


-> ​ Web dashboard for OIO token owners release

-> ​ December

-> ​ Mobile applications development started

- 2019:

+ 1st Quarter


-> ​ Marketplace architecture

-> ​ API SDK for custom integrations architecture


-> ​ Plug-ins for E-Commerce solutions architecture


-> ​ API SDK for custom integrations release

-> ​ Wallet additional security features

+ 2nd Quarter


-> ​ Marketplace beta release


-> ​ Plug-ins for E-Commerce solutions beta release

+ 3rd Quarter


-> ​ Marketplace release

+ 4th Quarter


-> ​ Plug-ins for E-Commerce solutions release


CEO & Founder:  A. Iulian Florea

He is the founder and CEO of Microleaves. Under his management, Microleaves has grown to the World Largest Proxy Network with over 30 million IPs and around 20k customers including Fortune 500 Companies

- Chief Technology Officer: Alexandru Eftimie

Alex accumulated over 10 years in Software Development with vast experience in over 20 programming languages like C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP and so on.

- Development Manager: Sebastian Dracopol

Over 15 years of experience in Software Development industry, in companies like Electronic Arts, Forbes, Upwork, Vodafone, Sebastian is our Project Management agile wizard.

- Ethereum Developer: Rostyslav Bortman

Senior Developer with wide experience in working with smart contract functionality.

- Business Development Consultant: Roman Korzh

Senior level results-driven leader with exceptional knowledge in establishing long-term cooperation relationship and generating revenue

- Data Scientist: Andrew Mikhailov

Specialization: architect, project manager, scientific research, blockchain, data science. Stack: C#, JavaScript, GoLang, multimedia transmission, CRM, signal processing, IoT, R, UNIX.

- Business Analyst: Liliya Girinova

Business analyst, interaction and proactive work with clients, describing business logic of tasks, requirements gathering, collecting artifacts and writing documentation under the project, Drawing-up and control of project risks.

- Javascript Department Lead: Anatoliy Gordienko

Technical lead and architect. Full stack developer - Typescript, JavaScript, Python, PHP, SQL, NoSQL, CSS, IAAS/PAAS, serverless.

- Node.js Developer: Vadym Dolzhenko

Full stack developer - JavaScript, TypeScript

- Art Director: Alexandru Dobrin

Talented Art Director who enjoys working in a wide variety of design-related areas and photography.

- Customer Support Lead: Alexandru Danete

Wide experience as a customer lead, able to solve delicate problems and always seeking to make clients happy

Advisors Board

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