Peoplestoken - Empower Community Holders of Tokens and Project Development


Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called PPL, based on the following criteria:

Peoples token is an ERC20 utility token aimed at empowering the community of token holders and development of projects by the cumulative efforts of the community.

Peoples Token sale participants will collectively form the community and forum members supporting the decentralized token and various projects backed by reserved tokensale fund controlled by community voting.


  • Development of PPL forum platform to empower a collaborative PPL community.
  • Decentralized token liquidity to PPL token investors.
  • Sustainable development of PPL ecosystem based on PPL token.
  • Development of community projects by Peoples community Forum members.
  • Promotion of community developed projects based on PPL token.
  • Funding of community developed projects and PPL wallet deployment.


PPL token ecosystem illustrates the movement of PPL token and token liquidity maintaining price stability and token distribution.

The flowchart depicts the movement of PPL tokens among token investors/holders, exchanges and community developed products/services.

PPL token ecosystem is the main framework for token liquidity which will maintain token circulation, token liquidity and a stable price of token regulated by community members/holders.

PPL token ecosystem will be sustained by the community forum members and developers through their collaborative work towards project development which will be supported by community project fund through voting.


Name Peoples Token
Symbol PPL
Platform Ethereum (ERC 20)
Price in USD 1 PPL = 1 $
Contribution Method ETH
Soft Cap (in USD) 1800000 (1.8 million)
Hard Cap (in USD) 7200000 (7.2 million)
Min. Contribution (ETH) 0.1 ETH
Max. Contribution 100 ETH
Max. Crowdsale (Token) 7200000 (7.2 million)
Max. Total Supply 8000000 (8 million)

No PPL token(s) will be held by any team member.
No pre-sale or private sale of any PPL token(s) has/will be done.
All unsold PPL token(s) after crowdsale will be burned.




PPL Token crowdsale fund will be used to empower a new way of developing services and products by any community developer. The fund collected from crowdsale will be distributed in the following manner:

  • 40% of the token crowdsale fund will be reserved for funding new projects which will be open for all community members and developers. Anyone can pitch in their project ideas and products to obtain funding based on community voting by members taking part in the tokensale. This will give an opportunity to explore the mass of developers who already have their ideas and plans but lack basic funds for a startup. Projects will have to incorporate the use of PPL Token as a mainstream utility token in it to ensure access by all PPL Community members. Fund allocation will be dependent on community voting.

  • 11% will be reserved for development of PPL wallet which will also support other erc - 20 tokens and coins. We plan to include an internal exchanger which will be open for development by community members/participants.

  • 10% of the tokensale fund is reserved for exchange listings.

  • 8% has been reserved for PPL Forum Development. This forum will be the main platform where all PPL Token community members/participants will meet and discuss regarding various projects, news, and other issues of cryptocurrency. Community voting will be a core part of the forum essential for funding and development of new projects empowering the community and use of PPL Token.

  • 13% fund is reserved for developers and 6% for advisory team who have constantly contibuted towards the idea behind the project and is working forward for the community development and community forum.

  • 9% of the funds have been reserved for promoting deployed projects and platforms.

  • 3% fund has been reserved for miscellaneous expenses. (eg. - crowdsale token distribution network fees)




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