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The New Paradigm

Qurrex is a blockchain project that plans on creating a fully functioning cryptocurrency exchange that has a lot of the integration that the stock market has. The traditional stock market is a centralized platform, however, Qurrex plans on not implementing this aspect but instead creating a decentralized exchange with nodes - putting the power in the user hands.
This universal exchange will be transparent and fully decentralized while allowing lightning fast and scalable transaction speeds of 15,000 tx per second. These fast transaction speeds will make it possible for people to trade more efficiently, but also settle faster and ultimately profit more.
Qurrex will put an end to the long waiting times that plagues the current financial market and instead brings the power back to the people with instant transactions and low fees.

Cryptocurrency is still a very new technology

With any thing new there will always be problems and growing pains.
A lot of exchanges have low liquidity because they don't offer any competitive advantages and are not marketing to new users, and so trading pairs get manipulated, pump/dumps happen and investors get frustrated. Every exchange currently does not release full financial information to the public, and so transparency with customers is nonexistent. Most cryptocurrency businesses are not following the standard practices and are manipulating ethical decision making because of the nature of cryptocurrency. This creates a bad precedent and causes problems down the road when it catches up.
Since cryptocurrencies are relatively new, customizable and good interfaces are needed yet missing. Newer users find it hard to operate exchanges and will often times quit in frustration. Since traditional exchanges use third parties for deposits and withdraws, they are often delayed which is really the opposite vision of cryptocurrencies.
Lastly and most importantly,
Millions of USD are stolen from exchanges every year due to cryptocurrency hacks! This is a huge problem when dealing with financial markets and yet, many exchanges do not have the right procedures in place to fix this.
This not only hurts the exchange and investors directly, but indirectly puts out bad media and horrible negative mainstream publicity to people already weary of a new technology - it hurts the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.
In order to have mainstream adoption people will need to feel safe investing their money in the exchange platform.

Qurrex plans on making a highly secure exchange by implementing security audits so that if an exploit is created they will be able to stop it before any damage is taken. Qurrex will offer a variety of different services within the platform to make sure the maximum amount of users are pleased. While all the basic financial trading functions will exist, one area cryptocurrency traders lack is the ability to marginal trade and this will become of high focus on the Qurrex platform. Along with a wide range of fiat trading pairs that have become very popular, Qurrex will provide mutiple fiat support allowing trading, deposits, and withdrawals. In the traditional cryptocurrency setting, customer service has been low throughout the entire industry and so Qurrex sees this as an opportunity to create a competitive advantage by offering 24/7 support and making it of a top priority to its customers.

**The functionality of the Qurrex Hybrid exchange is vast and so I would suggest at least reading this shorter version of the Qurrex WhitePaper called the One Pager for a greater understanding.

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Every day there are more and more people who are interested in crypto currency. Some coins are mined, others earn crypto currency by performing bounty programs of ICO companies, others follow the course and earn on it. But in the end, the hour comes when some of the earned tokens have to be exchanged or sold to the fiat. There is no way to do without crypto-exchange exchanges. But the existing exchanges are not ideal. Limiting liquidity, hidden or very high commissions, slow transactions and this is only a superficial look at the main problems. And the issue of the security of your funds on stock wallet is a global topic for conversations. The project, which I will talk about today, will help solve many problems of existing exchanges.

Qurrex platform will work on blockchain. All information and all transactions that are carried out inside the system will be recorded in blocks. Remove from will not be possible. First of all, Qurrex will be a decentralized exchange operating on a centralized and independent node that will process customer requests for the purchase, sale or withdrawal of funds from the exchange. The network will be able to process both decentralized and centralized operations and record all the occurring actions in blocks.

The independent work of the nodes will significantly reduce the load on the network, thereby accelerating the trunking within the system. The selection of the most advantageous offer will be made in the exchange of information between the nodes. According to the creators of the project, the network bandwidth will be equal to three and a half million transactions per second (today the Poloniex and Bitfinex exchanges have a bandwidth of six and eight thousand operations per second, respectively). This will make it possible to simultaneously work in the network to millions of users and for them there will be no tangible delays during transactions or cancellation of transactions.

Algorithmic and arbitrage traders, classical FX-brokers, institutional and corporate investors and crypto funds are interested in services of such a network. Qurrex will also be useful for working crypto exchanges and exchanges that need liquidity.

The advantages of the project:

  • Multifunctionality of the platform, as a result of which any user requirements will be satisfied;
  • The platform is accessible to any user, which makes its work transparent;
  • Availability of payment gateways for any transactions. Highly secure and high-performance (tens of thousands of transactions per second) architecture;
  • Use the platform token to conduct trading operations on the platform. The growing popularity of the token will lead to an increase in its value. Users will be able to provide their products and services using project tokens;
  • The interface of the site provides support not only for a large number of languages, but also around the clock support service

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ITO Terms and Conditions:

Name of the token: QRX
Number of tokens: 70 000 000 QRX
Number of tokens for sale: 55 000 000 QRX
Price of the token: 1 ETH = 400 QRX
Start ICO: 10.06.2018
End of ICO: 30.06.2018
Hard cap: 35 000 000$

The official public sale will begin on June 10th and end on June 30th
1 eth = 400 QRX




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Partners of the Qurrex project:

Скриншот 25-05-2018 023249.jpg


While the platform is developing, the project managers hold a number of very important meetings and conclude promising contracts. Of the latest news, I would like to note the announced strategic partnership with Andromeda Group for more than $ 5 million and integration with the Bancor protocol.

Andromeda Group - is a private holding company, specializing in investing in high growth industries, and with robust blockchain assets. The group has extensive experience and understanding of both traditional and developing crypto-currency markets

Integration with Bancor will allow users to convert automatically and directly any tokens. At the moment, such ETH, EOS, TRX, BNT tokens, GNO (Gnosis), BNB (Binance) are touted, and a decent list of coins has been announced, which will soon be integrated into the platform.


Based on the received data on the project, we can safely assume that the project has real chances for a successful exit and work in its segment. I sincerely hope that the Qurrex platform will firmly take its niche and will create healthy competition for already existing platforms in the segment of trade and exchange of cryptocurrencies.

I hope you find interest in this project and thank you for reading my article!

Additional Information and Investor Resources:

Website: https://qurrex.com
WhitePaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1klzZPHdjCBnurHCJjJbjwsed_5rx4W1U/view

BitcoinTalk [Ann]: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2899211.0
Medium Blog: https://medium.com/qurrex
Telegram: https://t.me/qurrex


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