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What is Platio?

Platio is the all-in-one smart banking platform for crypto, fiat, and stock assets. Supported by EOS blockchain technology, this platform will offer users a safe and convenient way to manage transactions between traditional and digital finance. Users can make payments in crypto via SEPA / SWIFT and debit cards.

Smart banking plans plan to build trust with unique 'Asset Guard' and 'Smart Escrow' products . Both use smart contracts to protect Platio users from the main challenges of the crypto world.

"With Asset Guard , users will be able to manage their accounts so that if they are not touched for a certain period of time, the balance will be transferred automatically to another place," said Okhrimchuk. "This solves important problems such as losing keys and inheritance assets".

"What's more, Asset Guard aims to protect customers from market volatility by automatically exchanging funds if conditions are triggered. Even in the unpredictable crypto market, our customers can relax, knowing that their funds are being watched. "

The Smart Escrow Platio feature will save funds until the buyer receives any goods or services purchased while protecting the seller from late or lost payments. Platio will enter to resolve any dispute.

"With Asset Guard Platio and Smart Escrow , crypto users get the level of trust they expect from traditional banking," added Okhrimchuk. "Our technology will allow all users and private businesses to safely take part in a new tokenis economy."

If you are a crypto user, you must have faced this challenge - at least once:

  • Must enter many services to be disbursed: exchanges, online converters, electronic payment services. Platio carries the wallet of a single user and finally provides a way to run multiple operations with funds all in one place with three types of assets.

  • It's no secret that holding Crypto exposes you to several risks : sudden fluctuations in crypto values ​​and the risk of losing a private key. The Asset Guard feature of Platio protects crypto, fiat, and your shares, all stored in an ecosystem safe against possible risks caused by high market volatility or loss of access. In addition, with the Platio you can determine the conditions of exchange and smart contracts will exchange crypto or your shares for fiat and return You can specify the length of inactivity of the outside account that the smart contract will transfer ownership from your crypto account to another crypto or fiat account

  • Crypto payments cannot be changed.

Platio, however, has a solution: the Smart Escrow will only release your crypto after you receive what you are paying for. The smart contract sends crypto, fiat or stocks to the seller of a product or service only after parameters of the deal are met and the buyer actually receives the promised product or service.

“Platio aims to take the best features from both crypto and fiat financial systems”, explains Dima Okhrimchuk, Platio’s CEO. “Our Smart Banking Ecosystem is set to increase confidence in crypto as an asset and drive its global adoption”.

Why Platio?

Traditional banks are very selective in the services they provide for crypto users within their
current banking systems. They have not embraced the digital coin era, or the way
cryptocurrencies have evolved. Being fully compliant, regulated and technologically advanced,
Platio solves this problems with easy access to the Platio Ecosystem, using tokenization of assets
based on EOS technology, and supporting the three types of assets: crypto, fiat and stocks.
Specifically, Platio’s goal is to provide solutions to crypto users as follows:



Exchange & Brokerage

Exchange & Brokerage will be an essential part of the Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem.
For Platio this product will not only be the instrument for users to exchange and trade fiat, crypto and stocks, but also the underlying technology enabling Platio's other products, such as Platio payment cards, the Merchant processing API, Payments (SWIFT/SEPA/Ripple/OCT) and Asset guard.







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