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Real estate transaction can be some of the most complicated and burdensome undertakings many people ever participate in. Even the simplest lease agreements is rarely fully understood by the parties signing it. Additionally, landlord and tenant. Many landlord waste countless hours in thier attempts to collect rent payments from their tenants and terminating the tenancies of those who are unable to pay, and many tenants have trouble recovering security deposits or compelling landlords to do repairs in a reasonable timeframe or otherwise abide by their various obligations under the law and the terms of their leases.
SMARTRealty believes many of these problem can be solved, or at least significantly reduced, by applying smart contract technology to the real estate sales and rental market.
No one can deny that a digital revolutions of some form is currently taking place. This is creating a huge  opportunuty to change the way we transact, especially on a person to person basis. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and smart SmartRealty tokens are in a prime posistion to transform the way we transact with one another, and smart contract technology can transform the way we record and enforce contracts and agrrements, reducing the need for long drawn out court battles and dispute resolution processes.
The purpose of SmartRealty is to allow user to excute, record, and enforce real estate transactions using a system of smart contract known as SMARTRealty Contracts. The smart contracts can replace traditional contract such as leases/tenancy agreements, owner financing agreements, contracts for sale, and even mortgage agreements.
What makes SMARTRealty contracts preferable over traditional contract is that they can eliminate various human elements outdated technology resulting in a reduction in legal, accounting and transaction costs, and a significant reductions in fraud, corruption and legal disputes and their associated cost.


Contract made between individuals with little no legal counsel, as most rental and lease agreements are, are often the subject of dispute, debatable obligations and meanings, and countless misunderstandings. Every jurisdictions in every civilized country in the world is full of landlord-tenant disputes and courts are over burdened by these disputes every day.
Even real estate purchase and sales agreements handled with the help  of lawyers, real estate agents, mortagage brokers and lenders, escrow companies, title companies, and other third parties are the source of many legal disputes.
Whether it is landlord failing to return a security deposit to a tenant, a tenant disputing the deductions the landlord made to the security deposit, a landlord attempting to terminate the tenancy of a non paying tenant, or a seller who owner financed the sale of his home and now needs to foreclose due to non payment, this is a market that could seriously benefit from the rigid terms and conditions and automated and automous processes that smart contract technology can provide.


SMARTRealty beleives that while we may never be able to elimnate contract disputes completely, we can significantly reduce them, as well as the time and effort spent setting them, by applying smart contract technology to certain types of agreements.
SMARTRealty's goal is to intially apply smart contract technology to residential leases, and provide a platfrorm for landlords to advertise their rental units and homes to potential tenants, with SMARTRealty smart contract governing the transactions.
Overtime, as laid out in our roadmap, we plan to branch this platform out to include residential and commercial real estate transactions, including rentals, sales, and even non traditional transaction such as owner financing and lease option agreements.




AnInitial Coin Token Sale is an event in which an organization swaps all or part of an amount of blockchain based tokens for other cryptocurrencies in order to raise funds. Token holders are incentivized through loyalty rewards based on the amount of tokens owned. The potential increase in the value of the token, due to its usability for various different application, is also a driving incentive for participants.
We believe that token sales are the future of crowd sales, This token sale also represent the perfect opportunity to invite people, especially from the world of blockchian and cryptocurrencies, into the SMARTRealty community and enable them to take part in our success story by contribting to all aspect of the project, from product development to marketing to strategic partnerships.
The SMARTRealty token is called RLTY. Our pre-sale period is ongoing now, and the official public token sale begins on February 15th, 2018 and will last for 90 days. Anyone particapating in the pre-sale in entitled to a bonus of up to 50%.
There are 500,000,000 RLTY token. 20% of those token are allocated for the pre-sale, and 20% are allocated for the actual ICO period. The total RLTY token allocated is as follows:
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