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World Wi-Fi – Bringing Internet Access to More Places all over the World

These days, some issues related to the availability of internet access still occur in many spots. These problems hinder internet users to utilize internet effectively. This problem led World Wi-Fi to develop a community in which all parties involved can be benefited.

Problems Faced by Internet Users Today

Although the internet use has spread widely reaching more places every time, the fact is that in several spots, it is still difficult to interface with an open Wi-Fi network. When there are internet networks available, users need to go through locking system as the networks are owned by private owners. Even there is a problem faced by users when they need to LTE which is considered as fast and flexible internet service. LTE cannot be accessed freely. Furthermore, there is a limitation of data that users can access. If there are many people accessing LTE service at the same time, the speed is getting slower.

The other problem is that nowadays, internet services are becoming a promising business. The service providers have a central control of the internet service. In other words, they have the authority of the internet connections. As a result, the can decide the productivity expansion whether there is low or high demand. In addition, there is lack concept of financial assets. People just think about how they can make a profit.

How World Wi-Fi Works

World Wi-Fi platform utilizes Big Data technology that functions to collect and analyze user activities and all data about the users. This technology benefits advertisers in a way that by using the data, they can tell any information to target their ads. The platform is also supported by Blockchain technology. This technology enables the platform to provide quick services with low-cost transactions. It also builds a trust among participants because of the use of smart contracts in blockchain technology. This technology also gives advantages to advertisers in a way that advertisers can gain reliable and transparent data.

World Wi-Fi is not building real hotspots but the networks are provided by the router owners. As a return, they will get revenue from the platform. So, basically, World Wi-Fi works similarly like Airbnb and Uber. These companies do not use their own assets but they run the business by sharing. So, it can be clearly seen that there are three main participants of the platform. They are the internet users, router owners or the network providers, and the advertisers. Internet users can get free internet access as they watch the advertisements posted by the advertisers.

ICO Sale Timeline

There will be 258 million WeToken put on sale among the 600 million token that has created. At the moment, the pre-ICO sale is ongoing. It will end on 18 April 2018. So, there are still more than 20 days left. After the pre ICO ends, the pre-sale will directly take place. For those who are interested in participating in the sale and investing for ICO, the very first step is to create an Ethereum wallet because the tokens will be stored there

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