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Today in this post I would like to share with you the information about a very big company that possesses several useful projects. I am sure that despite of the sphere you work in, you are likely to find something key and significant in these projects that will make your life easier.
 The name of the company is Zichain. Some time ago they made a research of the cryptomarket and collected feedback from a large number of people among which you can find successful investors and talented entrepreneurs. The research showed that the flow of people who reallocate real capital in cryptocurrencies is significantly increasing. Unfortunately, they have to face a number of obstacles, the main one is the poorly developed asset management infrastructure.
 It is hard to argue with that - there is no convenient, reliable, and safe way to place funds under management on the cryptocurrency market. In cryptocurrency world the company creator is responsible for investment decisions, calculating the value of the unit, the safety of the funds and keeping the register of investors and checking the accounts of the fund. In such cicumstances nobody can guarantee the transparency of the fund and the safety of investor's asset. Zichain's solution Blockchain Asset management Platform, or BAMP for short, was developed to address and minimize these risks, and to make the crypto asset management industry safe and transparent. BAMP is a platform that foresees this future requirement and provides a ready technical solution for creating and managing investment funds. It also offers all the necessary tools to monitor the status of investors' portfolios, whilst meeting all the conventional standards of classical financial market.
 Zichain is developing a few projects which aim is to male your life better. The first one I would like to talk about is Crptoeye.com. It allows you to explore the whole crypto universe through one single window, it will help you to understand the basics of every cryptocurrency or blockchain project and it obtains comprehensive and well-defined market data. With the help of this project you will reieve news and analytics related to your own partfolio and develop your investment strategies and backtest trading ideas.
 The second project is Theindex.fund. With its help you will be able to get a diversified and adjustable portfolio of cryptocurrencies, have five different funds for each of our crypto indexes. All investment approaches are transparent and you will have low fees. And, of course, there is no Zichain project without high security requirements. In another worrds, Theindex.fund is the automated cryptocurrency index funds which offer simple and transparent access to a rapidly growing class of digital assets.
 If you are planning to create your own legal crypto fund, you can do it in a few seconds with Bamp — another Zichain project. It attracts investors and manage portfolio of digital currencies, takes advantages of the industrial-grade asset security and will provide you with the possibility of trading on major cryptocurrency exchanges through one single teminal.
 The last for now Zichain project is Zichane.io. With its help you will be able to buy or sell cryptocurrency for fiat money in an instant, get the best rates with one of the lowest fees on the market and exchange large amounts of cryptocurency seamlessly. Besides, you can choose one of the wide variety of payment mothods.
 I think I would never have enough time if I wanted to tell you about all benefits and advantages of zichain. Just visit the official website and make your conclusions yourself. ZiChange aims to cater to the needs of everyone engaged in the cryptocurrency market: from blockchain startups attracting funds in digital currency and miners to retail and institutional investors. So whatever your sphere of interests and your plans are, you will find plenty food for your mind. Good luck!

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Technical part of the project






  • Explore the whole crypto universe through one window
  • Understand the basics of every cryptocurrency or blockchain project
  • Obtain comprehensive and well-defined market data
  • Receive news and analytics related to your portfolio
  • Develop your investment strategies and backtest trading ideas
    Current status: Beta Version. 



  • Buy one token and get a diversified and adjustable portfolio of cryptocurrencies
  • Five different funds for each of our crypto indexes
  • Transparent investment approach and low fees
  • High security requirements
    Current status: Indexes developed. Funds launching soon.



  • Create your legal crypto fund in seconds
  • Attract investors and manage portfolio of digital currencies
  • Take advantage of the industrial-grade asset security
  • Trade on major cryptocurrency exchanges through one terminal
    Current status: MVP.



  • Buy or sell cryptocurrency for fiat money in an instant
  • Get the best rates with low fees
  • Exchange large amounts of cryptocurrency seamlessly
  • Choose one of the wide variety of payment methods
    Current status: Licensed obtained. Launching soon.






Real-time data is provided by CryptoEYE.com, a Zichain company.






Q3 2017: BAMP

The concept of infrastructure for the cryptocurrency fund. Start of IT development.


Development of cryptocurrency indices and corresponding methodology for index funds launch.


The concept of Information provider including news aggregator and features enabling efficient asset management in cryptocurrency industry.


Alpha-version release: 5 cryptocurrency indices, crypto-wiki with 100 coins and tokens description, cryptocurrency investment calculator.


Transformation of the fund concept to full-fledged Blockchain Asset Management Platform (BAMP) for external asset managers.


Release of beta version. Release of the news aggregation module.


Company set up in EU. Obtaining of license for crypto-fiat exchange.


MVP release.


Integration of the news aggregator into the CryptoEYE. Release of CryptoEYE 2.0.


Launch of first two tokenized index funds for investors.


Launch of crypto-fiat exchange. BTC/ETH/LTC vs USD/EUR.


Integration of Zichange services and investment products of TheIndex.Fund.
Release of the iOS and Android mobile applications.


Release of BAMP 1.0. Release of the trading platform supporting all major exchanges within one terminal.


Launch of full range of index funds.


Extending the number of currency pairs available for exchange. Starting operations with institutional investors and corporate clients.


Start of the Index funds securitization and listing on traditional exchanges.
Setting up the legal access for investors in different countries
(US, Singapore, and others).


Legal framework setup. The umbrella fund structure with subfunds for each asset manager on BAMP.


Creation of the multilingual editorial team to publish our own news and other cryptocurrency-related content. Localized website interface and news articles (2 languages).


Full localization into 2 more languages. Launch of the investment products marketplace for BAMP.


Development of advanced news and market data filtering to provide individual newsfeed based on an investor’s portfolio. Full localization into 2 additional languages.


Release of BAMP 2.0. Decentralized asset storage with distributed access. Licensing as a fund administrator in the cryptocurrency market.


Development of analytical platform for creating and backtesting trading strategies. 2 more languages added.


Development of analytical platform for creating and backtesting trading strategies. 2 more languages added.


Localization into 2 additional languages (10 total)




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Do you want know more? Information here:

Website: https://zichain.io/
Whitepaper: http://zichain.io/pdf/WP-ENG-09.pdf
ZICHAIN ANN THREAD: https://goo.gl/y4pBmX
ZICHAIN YOUTUBE: https://goo.gl/zyFraK
ZICHAIN BOUNTY TELEGRAM CHAT: http://t.me/zichainbounty


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Telegram: https://t.me/vancuongdbj
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